Crazy for hats

As predicted, I have knit the fabulous Garter Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho another three times: in teal, in black and in green. Of all those (five!) hats, I really liked the green one best. However, I gave it away (just like all the others).Then I knit a hat in Léttlopi; no pattern, just a beanie. That one turned out really nice as well; maybe because of Léttlopi. Such a lovely yarn to work with!

A Therese Hat was next. And it was meant to be mine. Unfortunately, it would look so weird on me, that I unraveled it the minute it was done. A decision I learned to regret. It would have been a lot smarter to consult my pillow, to sleep on it for a night or two and try Therese again at daylight. But well, … too late now. Look at it! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I should really make another one.

However, I might try London Bound first – a lovely pattern that was gifted to my by Magda (thank you again 💙). At the same time, I am looking at Capucine … This looks like the most comfortable hat of all hats. If I actually get around to knitting Capucine, I might replace the tassels by pompoms though. What do you think?

What are your “guaranteed success”-favorite hats? Did I miss some of the nicest pattern? If so, please let me know.


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Andrea Karminrot
1 year ago

Ich würde mich für Therese Hat entscheiden. Ich habe schon eine Ewigkeit keine Mützen mehr gestrickt. Die würde ich gerne machen. Und bestimmt hätte sie bei dir im Tageslicht wunderbar ausgesehen.
Lieben Gruß

1 year ago

….oh so viele tolle mützen……udn die london bound habe ich gleich mal gekauft….die muss ich haben….grübel schon über wolle nach….danke dir fürs zeigen….

1 year ago

Ich bin ja ein großer Fan vom Sockehead Hat, mag für mich selbst sehr gerne diese Beanie Form und die Garnstärke habe sogar ich immer vorhanden 😀