A wonderful friend has sent me a skein of hemp yarn from Sweden. 100% hemp. It got here the day before yesterday and since then I can’t get it out of my mind.

Hemp fascinates me. I really like its shimmer. It reminds me of hair. However, unlike (my) hair, hemp is rather brittle. And it has a funny smell to it. Therefore, it may not be suitable for garments. Even though it is rather thin – just like sock yarn.

Maybe I should crochet a basket. But … a basket crocheted with a yarn that thin? The basket would have to be either tiny to be sturdy enough or I would have to crochet around a rope. (Not to mention that it would take forever to make …).

Knitting a bag might be a better idea. Another Edda? (Having made two already, I am not too thrilled by the idea of making another).

It is a 400 grams skein with approximately 800 meters. So far, I have winded it as much as I could. For now, it is nothing but a huge cake. And all I need is a cool idea!

What would you make out of it?


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einen Badehandschuh für’s Peeling nach dem Sonnen-Sommer?


Einen Hut!


da Hanf sehr kratzig ist, eignet es sich meiner Meinung nach nicht für Bekleidung.
Ich würde daraus Taschen häkeln, oder so wie früher für Blumenampeln in makrameetechnik…. dafür eventuell mehrfädig nehmen, da es recht dünn ist….
Also auch für Bastelarbeiten….

Sonnige Grüße