Modifying Socks. Tolerable?

My friend Tamara’s mother knitted socks for me. Just because. Hence, totally unexpected, I now own a pair of super-beautiful, colorful socks.

Of course, I had to try them on, the minute they were given to me (way over 85°F outside …). So pretty and they do fit – the highest bliss, if it had not been for the socks’ toe section.

It was way more pointed than my toes and as the lovely knitter had pulled the thread several times through the last stitches, there was now a solid little “knob” at the top of each tip, pinching my feet …

I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Hoping for the knob to soften with time or for my toes to get used to it? Put the socks away as it is too hot outside anyway? Stop being difficult? Or redo the socks’ oe section …

I decided for the latter, unraveled and grafted the toes using kitchener stitch.

However, now that the socks are super comfortable, it feels like I did something wrong. My friend’s mother had made them for me. And every sock knitter knows how much time and affection is in a sock. I changed it nonetheless. Was I entitled to do that?

What would you have done?

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Andrea Stock

Genau das Gleiche. Ich hab die Socken früher auch so beendet, wirklich gefallen hat es mir nicht. Seit ein paar Jahren beende ich auch im Maschenstich. Und Du solltest Dir keine Gedanken machen – was hätte es für einen Sinn gehabt, diese liebevoll gestrickten Socken in der Schublade zu verstauen, weil sie drücken. Das wäre bestimmt nicht im Sinne der Schenkenden gewesen.

Liebe Grüße