January is in a bag, February too. March is in a box. Every day, well, almost every day, I knit another little Hexagon pillow and – at least when thinking about this project – I would not mind if 2018 would be over soon.

Lately, I may have been ranting and raving about it. Occasionally …

Hence, the son (just in case you forgot: competitive athlete, born 2004) suggested yet another challenge: no more hexagons but push-ups. One more every day.

hexagone häkelmonsterWe’ve been doing push-ups for almost two weeks now and all of a sudden, knitting hexagons isn’t all that bad any more. Definitely better than push-ups ?.

When did I take the picture? Correct: March 4. In the meantime, I have knitted another nine hexagons.

I am hanging in there, however something is telling me that I may stick to only one challenge until the end of the year. One, instead of two. Now, you may guess which one it will be …

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2 years ago

Irgendwie wird’s mir ganz eckig beim Anblick der Bilder. Ich würde gerne sehen, wie Du am 31.12. dreihundertfünfundsechzig Liegestütze machst. Da setze ich mich glatt an Sylvester in den Zug. ?
Aber ich vermute, Du strickst lieber weiter kleine Hexis…
Liebe Grüße Pia