The Horse

M‘s cousin and his wife had a baby girl – Beatriz. We’ll give her a horse for her baptism. Looking at the picture I wonder whether I should tie some bright red ribbon around its… More


14:03:28    Es wird überprüft, ob eine Echtzeitbestellung möglich ist 14:03:30    Freischaltung der Bestellung in Echtzeit ist möglich 14:03:32    Die Registrierung der Domain hä wird vorgenommen 14:03:40    Vielen Dank für Ihre Bestellung, welche in Echtzeit für… More

Stash Blanket

Last weekend my dad turned 80. A wonderful celebration, a lot of relatives and friends (of my parents) that I have not seen in years and I wonder if I will ever see them again.… More

Albertha & friend

It is still foggy and grey outside. I don’t remember seeing the sun for at least a week and J insisted that the little people get dressed. It’s too cold to run around naked. Well,… More